Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You're Invited

Months ago the Disney Social Media Moms had a sign up for their "On The Road Celebrations". The Disney Social Media Moms would be traveling the country and speaking to bloggers and those who post on social media about Disney and you had to be selected to go. I signed up and figured I would never hear back and there is no way I would be accepted. I'm still learning this whole social media thing and how to blog better but I thought I would at least try.

Well, Friday morning I woke up and before taking on the day and taking care of the kids I took a moment to check my email, mainly because that little red notification bugs me, and I got an email I never expected to see.

Oh my goodness, I got invited. I immediately posted on Facebook and was giddy with excitement. I couldn't believe I was invited. Then shortly after I found out I was invited I found out my good friend was also invited! Lori writes over at Adventures In The Great Wide Somewhere and I have known her since I was in high school. We've also been on two Disney cruises together and one was just with us and our supportive spouses! I am so excited that I get to experience this with her.  We both will make sure to blog about what happens at the celebration! Congrats to all of those selected to any of the celebrations!

#DisneySMMC #KeepAustinGoofy