Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Non Stop December

December has been a busy month for our girls! It seems there is one activity after another. They girls have all worked very hard and have been looking forward to these performances for months! 

The first performance we had was Kaetlyn singing Christmas songs with the whole second grade. I've never seen her so excited to perform, especially since she tends to shy away from social situations but she did AWESOME. The whole time she was performing she has a giant smile on her face. I was very proud of her. 

Next up was Madison and the cheer team she is on performing at The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Competition at AT&T Stadium. This is Mafison's favorite place to perform. The team did awesome and the best moment was when my baby had a solo of sorts when she did two cartwheels and a back handspring! The crowd cheered so loud and she adored that moment. I cried. She's on a special needs team and these completions give her so much confidence and make her feel like she's not different in any way. She loves cheering and it really has been a blessing for us to have her on this team! 
When I saw the above "Fear the bow" sweatshirt at the competition I had to get it for her. She was so excited about it and loves it.

Two days after the cheer competition Madison had a choir performance! Earlier this year she tried out for choir and made it. I have to say she actually has a pretty good voice. She doesn't get that from me. I think she takes after her daddy who was also in choir as a kid and through high school. From the day she made choir she has been looking forward to her Christmas performance. She would practice every weekend to make sure she had everything down. The show was very cute and the whole choir did and awesome job. 
She's the one in blue with a pink scarf!

To round out the Holiday performances the girls just had their Holiday Showcase for dance. Emma, Madison, and Alyson were are to participate in it but sadly the day of Madison was running a fever and had an upset stomach. So I stayed home with her while Chris took our dancers to perform. Chris said the both did awesome and looked great. I'm sad I didn't get to see it but Chris did sneak a video of Emma's performance because he was in the back with a fussy Ava. She has improved so much the past few months. Competition season will be in full swing after the holidays and I can't wait! 

Madison is doing better but sadly the bug is passing through our family now. 

I have to say, and this might sound cheesy, but these performances remind me of why life is so good. Watching my kids participate in activities they love and seeing them work so hard is just a wonderful feeling. Then being happy makes me happy and I'm so blessed to have these 5 girls. They are all talented and special in their own way and its a great feeling to watch them shine. There is no greater thing in the world than being a mommy! 

I hope all of you have had a wonderful December and have very Happy Holidays 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Two New Family Members!

We are proud to introduce two new family members to the Kolb family! Meet Ellie Elf Kolb and Dascher Kolb. My parents were kind enough to adopt these into our family this week. The girls are very excited to see what Ellie Elf has up her sleeves. I just hope she doesn't cause to much havoc ;-) 

Dascher has a tougher job the Ellie. The girl have to write notes to Santa and while they are asleep he flies all the way to the North Pole to deliver the notes and being a response from Santa. 

I didn't ever expect to start these traditions but the girls are super excited so I'm more than happy to adopt these new traditions. 

Welcome to the family Ellie and Dascher