Thursday, April 23, 2015

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Toddlers & Disney: Top 3 Things to Remember When Doing Disney with Toddlers

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Blue! Today we are discussing the top 3 things to remember when traveling to the Disney Parks with toddlers.

Toddlers at Disney? Yes, you can indeed have lots of fun without losing your mind when taking a toddler to Walt Disney World. We have taken all of our kids to Walt Disney World at various stages of their lives and we have even taken a toddler on a cruise. Was it always 100% easy? No, I won't lie it didn't always go to plan - I mean look at the picture above. That was us meeting Mary Poppins with 2 toddlers and that was the best shot we got!

#1 My biggest advice to someone going to a Disney park with a toddler is to pack a little (or a lot) of patience. You may not be able to tour the parks like you did when you were kid free but you can have fun and make great memories with your kids.  I no longer sweat the small stuff like getting a picture with Cinderella with everyone looking at the camera - I just let things happen how they happen. I pack a little patience. It's not easy and I am not perfect at it but when I remember to just be patient it calms me down.

At least Cinderella was smiling!

#2 A second piece of advice I recommend following your toddlers lead. If they are hungry, get a snack. If they need a break, go take an hour or two to nap. When you have a cranky toddler then you will have a cranky adult. I didn't learn this until my second child and let me tell you it made our trips much easier. When you look at the schedule of attractions you can realistically hit in one day, Disney with small children feels more like an abbreviated menu than an all-you-can-eat buffet. The key is to look at quality instead of quantity and enjoy the small moments! Instead of going into the trip expecting to see and do everything, I go into our trips with the expectation of having a lot of fun, making lots of good memories, and knowing that there will be meltdowns. This is the key to being less stressed and our family ends up having more moments of happiness. So many times I will over hear parents say "do you know how much I paid for this? we are going to do it all!" I never understand this. How are you going to have fun when you are screaming at each other?

#3 Adjust your expectations every time there is a sudden change in plan and soak up the little moments at Disney with your toddlers. One of my best memories is of my second oldest child and watching her looking at the sidewalk light up at Epcot. She would giggle so loud and just loved looking at it anytime we were near it. I can't tell you the last time I rode Space Mountain but I can tell you about the countless times I've been on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover because my kids love that ride. I have vivid memories of how each of them smile so big when riding the PeopleMover and how they still talk about it and wish we were on it when we are back at home.

My kids may not remember the trips they took when they were toddlers but I will hold onto and cherish the memories we made with them.  So please do take your toddlers to Disney but remember to make the trip about having fun and soaking up the memories, not checking everything off your list. Remember to pack a little patience, let your toddler guide you and adjust your expectations along the way!

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