Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Disney Wordless Wednesday

Focused on the Magic

I didn't follow the specific theme for the week as I'm not on Pinterest often but here is a picture from our recent trip that I love of our family! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Life Changer Product

Our 8 year old daughter Kaetlyn is on the autism spectrum and deals with sensory processing disorder. Loud noises really bother her and when we go to certain places between the sounds and the crowd of people she can go in meltdown mode. Her brain just can't process all that is happening.

Back in November my other daughter, Madison had a cheer performance and we noticed that one of the other special needs team had a member who was wearing headphones. Noise blocking headphones had been something my hubby and I had talked about but now that we were seeing them in person we decided to kindly ask the parents the name of the headphones and how they liked them. This always makes me nervous but when we explained why we were asking they were very understanding and helpful. So that night I went home and order Kaetlyn her own pair of Peltor junior headphones. At the time I wasn't sure when we would first use them but then shortly after a surprise trip to Walt Disney World came up and it was a great place to test them out. 

So Kaetlyn was happy to try them out and anytime she felt overwhelmed or that things were too loud she would ask for her headphones. Between stage headphone and sitting in the stroller where she could just be in her own little bubble she did an amazing job! She loves wearing the headphones and said that they really helped her. We had a few meltdowns but that is to be expected with any kid however, we did experience fewer with her than any other time we've gone. I really wish we would have ordered these earlier because I do think they are a life changing product for us. 

We have since used them at a cheer competition and once again she sat in the crowd with her headphones on and just played with the toys she had brought. She did great. In March we will be using them on our cruise and I look forward to seeing how they work there. 

I seriously wish we would have ordered these earlier but I'm so thankful we did! If you have a child who can't handle loud noises I highly recommend trying out Peltor Noise Counseling Headphones!