Wednesday, April 16, 2014

He Put A Ring On It!

Last Saturday, April 12, my brother got married to an amazing woman! It was a beautiful wedding and our family is blessed to have a new family member! 
Doesn't my brother look so handsome! 

My brother and his groomsmen. Included are my dad, hubby, and brother in law! They all looked so handsome 

Madison was the bride's special helper

Emma was a junior bridesmaid

The groomsmen in their sports shirts! 

The memorial table

Kate looked adorable for the wedding 

My mom, dad, and the couple of the day!

The gorgeous cake 

The grooms cake

My dad giving an intro to a very special video from Ivan Pudge Rodriguez wishing them a happy marriage! 

Part of the mother and son dance, it was awesome! 

And lastly a select few have known for awhile but it was also my sister's debut of letting everyone know she is pregnant again!! After loosing a sweet princess last year they wanted to wait to tell people until they made it past when the lost Kennedy. My sister is due in early July but will be induced the last week of June. She is having a precious little boy and his name will be Cason! We are very excited and I've already started spoiling him ;-) I have to say even being pregnant my sister got down and danced at the reception. She is such an inspiration to me and I'm so excited for her! 

My sister and her hubby! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

What's Going On!

Wow, life is crazy for the Kolb family at the moment. For the next few weeks we are living with my parents and it has been quite interesting. We are so lucky to have my mom and dad who are amazing and loving and willing to do anything for their kids. The girls seem to still love their new school and it seems like life if getting a little bit better. Oh a big milestone was reached Kaetlyn lost her first tooth. She was so excited but then once it came out she had a hard time with it being out and said she missed it because now her mouth felt weird. The tooth fairy left her a really great reward for losing her first tooth!

Don't get me wrong life is still hectic between all of the girls activities, my illness, doctors appointments, girls activities, and things like that. We are making it through and it is worth it. The girls seem happy and honestly that is all that matters. Those 5 girls are my life and all I care is that they are happy and getting what they need.

Not much else to share but hey if you know someone who wants to buy a house in Providence Village, Texas let me know. We have a house that will be listed soon that will have all new paint and flooring. It will be gorgeous!

Here are some cute pics of my girls! I love and adore them so much!

Ava loving sloppy joes!

Emma and her American Girl Doll of the Year Isabell who is a dancer!
Aly helping pack up the house!

Maddy getting ready for a cheer pep rally!

Kaetlyn's first lost tooth!!!