Friday, August 21, 2015

Disney Flashback Friday

Hi and welcome to Disney Flashback Friday blog link up! Please link up any Disney themed flashback pic you want to the link and then visit other bloggers who've participated and share some comment love! I look froward to seeing all the flashback photos!

Mommy To All Girls

This picture is of my dad and I from November of 1997. When I was in middle school and high school we would generally travel to Walt Disney World almost every Thanksgiving and a couple of times at Christmas. This particular picture is of us at Liberty Tree Tavern on Thanksgiving which was a tradition. I have to say I miss the characters being at Liberty Tree Tavern but I have some wonderful memories of them being there and loved the tradition my family had!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Disney Social Media Moms On The Road- Austin

It all started months ago when my friend Lori from Adventure Mom suggested I sign up for a chance to be invited to the Disney Social Media Moms On The Road in Austin. I took her suggestion thinking I had no chance in getting picked. Weeks went by and forgetting that I even applied, because I thought it was such a long shot, I woke up one morning to an email that I had made the cut and was invited. I was pumped and couldn't wait to share the news with anyone who would listen.

Weeks went by and I counted down the days until it was time for the conference. It's now been exactly two weeks since the conference and I am still in disbelief I was there.  I arrived the day before and when I arrived in Austin I quickly met up with Lori.

The Texas State Capital-so beautiful!

We decided to talk a walk to the State Capital and it was a breathtaking site. I have never been inside the capital building before and it was beautiful. I love history and there was so much to take in. Lori and I explored several floors of the Capital and then soon Lori got a text from her friend Sarah from Sharing the Disney Love so we met up with her.  Sarah was nice enough to drive us to meet up with another blogger who was also invited to the conference. I am so thankful for Sarah driving because I can't drive in Austin, it is too crazy for me. Shortly after leaving the Capital we met up with Kuleen from Red Poppy Kids(she just launched this blog so if you live near Georgetown, Texas go check it out!

Lori, me, and Sarah leaving the State Capital!
After getting to know each other a little bit at the hotel we all went out to dinner at Threadgill's and had some yummy food and wonderful Disney conversations! It is so nice to meet other people who have a passion for Disney. Once it became dusk we decided to go to the Congress Avenue Bridge and watch what seemed like millions of bats fly out. It was an amazing site. We then parted ways to go get ready for the next morning since we had to get up bright and early for the conference.

It was finally the day, August 6th had arrived and it was time to get ready for the conference! I wore my favorite dress with Ariel on it and my matching Toms. I was ready to be Disneyfied for the conference and ready to learn as much as I could.

Last check in the mirror before checking in for the conference.

I walked down to Lori's room and together we went down to where the conference was held and we met up with Sarah and Kuleen and of course we were the first ones there ready for the day.

It's almost time-so excited!!!!!

After receiving lovely gift bags from  Leanne O’Reagan and Jamie Langdon who are members of the Disney Social Media Team it was time to go inside and get seated. We picked a table up front so we could soak up all of the information we could! 

Jamie opened the conference and had us do a pin trading exercise to introduce ourself to other people. Then Leanne welcomed us to the conference and welcomed the first speaker who just happened to be Jaime. Jaime started off by telling us about what is currently happening in all of the parks and the Disney Cruise Line. She also shared a website specifically for parents of preschoolers, This site has tips, guides, and resources for preschoolers and they are also currently doing a giveaway for a backpack with a Tinkerbell movie. 

The next speaker was Jenn Baker from the Disney Parks Blog. She talked to us about storytelling and how content is the key to blogging. She emphasized brainstorming and finding find the story. Always continue to sharpen your writers eye and if you hit writers block take a break and go laugh it out and just relax. 

Next was a mom and daughter team who each have a blog and different social media outlets that they are very successful with. Kathy Cano-Marillo expressed several times that we shouldn't force the glitter. We should share emotions with our readers. Make them laugh, cry, grasp etc... Always embrace the new and know the destination for your site. 

Her daughter, Maya Cano-Murillo, taught us to bring in our own personality to our blog, have your hater blocker on, give the readers variety, and let yourself have fun. Don't stress and LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

Victoria Lim shared with us how important video is becoming. There are apps like Magisto that allows you to use pics and videos from iPhone and share them. I've used this app since the conference and it is a pretty cool app.  I really enjoyed her presentation and two out from the conference I am still trying to learn how to take better pics and videos to improve my social media presence. Below is a video I made with Magisto!

Alex Ruiz is a Disney Parks Digital Marketing Director and shared that we should try all social media platforms and see which ones work best for us. He also shared that storytelling is key!

The last speaker was Lisa Erspamer. She spent years working with the Oprah show and has now gone on to writing books. She enforced that we should put passion into what we create. We should love our ideas and even if something fails always keep trying. Believe in yourself and your ideas. Honest content is content people relate to and finally success requires failure. 

After Lisa wrapped up Leanne announced that her boss was there and Mickey Mouse came out and we had an opportunity to meet him. I have to say I still get giddy whenever I get to say hi to Mickey and get a picture with him. I am like a kid at heart!

This conference was amazing and inspiring and two weeks later I am still thinking about it and everything that I learned. I hope that I will be lucky enough to attend another Disney Moms Social Media event again. I can't thank Disney enough for this opportunity.

He could tell I was all giddy so he insisted on a hug!!

Me and the main Man!

*Please note I applied to go to this event and was invited by Disney Parks. The opinions, views, and recap is based purely on my own thoughts. I was in no way compensated for this post or the conference.
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